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Providing professional development and local networking opportunities to enhance medical practice management in the North Georgia area since 1985!
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Providing professional development & local networking to enhance medical management since 1986!
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Make Kind & Honest Feedback a Team Habit
with Gretchen Napier of SVMIC

Overview: One of the primary barriers to effective leadership is lack of effective feedback to staff. The primary reason most leaders do not provide helpful feedback is because it feels uncomfortable. Giving feedback, especially criticism, is painfully difficult, but it is still your duty as a leader to give it. On the other hand, if you deliver the feedback in a harsh or overbearing way, it may do more damage than it helps. You owe it to people to help them improve and to help them improve at the earliest possible moment.


• Discover the harm done when company culture limits feedback

• Review a simple framework for providing effective feedback

• Develop strategies for encouraging feedback from your team

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WHEN: August 12, 2021 from 11:30am-1pm
WHERE: The Dalton Golf and Country Club
333 Country Club Way, Dalton, Georgia 30721


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